As much as I love to find cheap flights for short routes, it may end up costing more than you initially paid. Here’s my experience flying with Wizz Air.

I booked two one way flights (it was cheaper) from Sarajevo to Budapest and Budapest to Sarajevo. For the first flight, Sarajevo to Budapest, I paid $28 plus $13 to select a seat at the front (I needed to get off the plane as fast as possible to catch my train). Paying for the seat bumped me into Priority boarding. The first flight I had no problems bringing my carry on onto the plane. The airplane itself wasn’t comfortable but it got the job done for a 50 minute flight. The seats were cramped and didn’t recline, no entertainment, and no way to charge your electronics.

On my way back from Budapest to Sarajevo, I didn’t book a seat because I wasn’t in a hurry to get off the plane. While I was standing in the non priority line to get on the plane, I got asked to step aside and go to the counter. They asked me to put my backpack in the carry on bin to see if it fit. It didn’t. The size of their carry on for non priority customers is 40 x 30 x 20 cm, the size of a briefcase. In order to carry my backpack on the flight, I had to pay $35 on top of the flight itself. If I would have known, I would have paid for a seat on the second flight to save $23. I also would have paid more attention to the baggage policy when booking the flight but yet again, who really does when you’re just carrying on a backpack?

Would I fly Wizz Air again? If the route is under an hour, the cheapest by a long shot, and I can fit my belongings into a school backpack, yes, otherwise no. You’ve been warned!